Parent Handbook

Welcome to Homeschool Directive

We are so excited to have you in our program and look forward to partnering together throughout the academic year! Our goal is for you to feel supported and encouraged to confidently plan, execute, and document your educational vision for your child.

On this Parent Handbook page, you’ll find important information, dates, and policies for our program. Make sure you bookmark this page for future reference!


Contact info


All communication and planning with your Academic Advisor must be completed through your private communication portal. You should have received a link to set up your login credentials. If you have not, please let your Academic Advisor know.

The portal will send you an email copy of any messages posted, but you’ll need to log in to upload files and complete the necssary forms.


From time to time, you may have questions about billing, tech, or otherwise. For those types of questions, feel free to email us at 


While we encourage you to interact with our social media channels, please do not send DMs regarding your account or academic year plan.

Personal questions are best directed through your private portal to your Academic Advisor or to our support team via

A Note from Founder & CEO

Michele Holmes

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the Homeschool Directive community! As you embark on the journey of home education, you’re not just choosing an approach to learning; you’re choosing a transformative and nurturing path that recognizes the unique potential of every child.

Our vision and mission resonate with the core tenets of home education. At Homeschool Directive, we believe in empowering both educators and students. We understand that every child is exceptional, possessing unique interests, passions, and learning needs. By learning in an environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking, adaptability, and personal growth, students are prepared not just for academic achievement but for a successful and fulfilling adulthood.

Our core values, from empowering students to clear expectations, all converge toward a single goal: to provide you with the resources and tools you need to guide your child’s educational journey confidently. Whether it’s the freedom of curriculum choice, assisting you in establishing a versatile foundation for future aspirations, or emphasizing the importance of standardized documentation, every aspect of our philosophy is designed with the success of our students in mind.

By partnering with us, you are joining a global community committed to a shared belief – that home education, when nurtured within the right framework, can be a beacon of excellence. Our strategic aim is to see 10,000 students graduate by 2040, each with transcripts reflective of their individual educational experiences. And we’re excited to count you and your child amongst those success stories.

Your decision to homeschool is a testament to your dedication as a parent. Our promise to you is a commitment to providing exceptional resources, clear guidance, and unwavering support every step of the way.

Let’s embrace this journey together, turning education into a fulfilling experience for both you and your child. Welcome to the Homeschool Directive family.


Michele Holmes
Veteran Home Educator of 30+ Years, Mother of 8



Inside your portal, your Academic Advisor will direct you to interactive forms which will capture important information for planning your child’s education. If you would rather use a hardcopy version, you can download and print the following.

DUPLICATION & DISTRIBUTION POLICY: Please note that all materials provided to you within the program are copyrighted. They may be duplicated for use within your home with your students. Distribution outside your home without permission from Homeschool Directive is prohibited.

For US-based families, a physical copy is available for purchase for
$67 + shipping. Please let your Academic Advisor know if you want to purchase a physical copy.

Services & Fees





    • Academic Advisor: Your partner in this journey! You’ll meet live over Zoom and communicate through your private portal.
    • Academic Flexibility & Guidance: You choose curriculum and activities tailored to student needs with advisement from us.
    • Recordkeeping & Transcript: We document your student’s progress towards earning a transcript.
    • Training: We’ll help you make sense of all things credits, GPAs, transcripts, and diplomas.
    • Tools: High School Requirements & Recordkeeping Binder, High School Credit Course Planner, & Student Planner



For parents who need additional creative support in developing coursework formed around student interest and/or one topic while fulfilling multiple credit requirements.


    • 1 hour Brainstorming Session (over Zoom)
    • Curriculum, Tools & Activities Resource Guide (customized & provided by consultant)
    • 1 hour Syllabus Creation Session (over Zoom)
    • Follow-up text communication with consultant via private portal to ask questions, clarify ideas, and gain confidence in implementation.

(For conversations outside of program scope) 

Administrative policies


While it is the parent’s responsibility to remain in compliance with local home education laws, Homeschool Directive is committed to assisting parents in meeting all legal requirements. Should there be any documentation mandated by local laws related, we will endeavor to provide or facilitate its provision.


At Homeschool Directive, we deeply value our partnership with you and are dedicated to supporting your home educational journey. Upholding our Code of Ethics, rooted in honesty, commitment, and communication, is vital for a thriving learning environment. Any breach, including educational neglect or grade falsification, may lead to evaluation measures. Your cooperation is essential, and we appreciate your dedication to our shared values. Thank you for your trust and commitment.


To discuss cancellation or withdrawal, please email 

We understand that circumstances may change, and families may need to cancel or withdraw from the Homeschool Directive program. Please review our policy regarding cancellations, withdrawals, and outstanding payments. 


You will need to indicate your desire to take a GAP YEAR to your Academic Advisor.

This policy establishes the provisions for families wishing to momentarily pause their engagement with our program, returning after a defined interval, known as the “Gap Year.” A Gap Year Hold Fee reserves place and yearly fee pricing.


Homeschool Directive uses September 1st as the age cut-off for grade placement and reflects the U.S. grade equivalent on official transcripts. Grade enrollment is determined through an advisor-led assessment in collaboration with parents. Comparison chart of educational levels world-wide included in the full policy.


The transcript at Homeschool Directive serves as a comprehensive academic profile, akin to an educational CV for our students. It encapsulates their academic milestones, grades, standardized test results, accolades, voluntary services, and more.


At Homeschool Directive, our high school graduation requirements are rigorous, relevant, and flexible. These standards are designed to provide a tailored education for each student. Full policy also covers exit interview, deadlines, and early graduation.


To ensure our students are poised for success in higher education and professional careers, Homeschool Directive employs specific indicators. University readiness indicators evaluate a student’s preparedness for university coursework, emphasizing vital skills and knowledge. Concurrently, career readiness indicators assess a student’s capability to excel in professional settings by gauging both technical and interpersonal skill proficiency.


Homeschool Directive’s dual enrollment policy seamlessly integrates university learning within our homeschool framework. We prioritize flexibility, academic rigor, and clear communication. Students are empowered to select university courses that align with their goals, manage their schedules effectively, and transition credits between institutions. In essence, we provide a supportive path for students to get a jumpstart on their higher education pursuits.

Grades & Credits


At Homeschool Directive, “A-level” work isn’t just about hitting the top academic marks—it’s our standard. Why? Because we partner with parents and students to craft an academic plan to fit each student’s unique interests and needs. This fact, coupled with our flexible ways to assess and give credit, we genuinely believe every student has what it takes to excel in their studies! Simply put, we expect great things and know our students can deliver. Fully policy includes grading scale for both elementary and secondary.


At Homeschool Directive, we’ve established four distinct methods to evaluate and grant credits across our educational branches. These approaches enable us to guide parents in crafting coursework that aligns with our graduation criteria, while also adhering to our broader learner objectives. Our aim is to seamlessly integrate strict academic benchmarks with the adaptability essential for individualized student learning, always being mindful of unique learning needs. 


Homeschool Directive emphasizes regular academic assessments throughout the year. Parents and students meet weekly to monitor progress and well-being. Additionally, Academic Advisors check in bi-monthly to offer guidance and address challenges. The year culminates with a Year-End Review involving the student, parents, and the Academic Advisor, ensuring effective, personalized education.



Homeschool Directive emphasizes a tailored educational journey, underpinned by established standards that create a framework honoring parents’ visions for their child. Our approach promotes cyclical learning, tech-savviness, subject exploration and mastery, and clear milestones, preparing students for higher education and careers.


Our Learner Goals (what we hope is true for every student who graduates with us) emphasize lifelong learning, creativity, academic foundations, and civic engagement. These goals, crafted from the founders’ vision, community feedback, and top academic standards, prepare students for success in academia and society.


The Life & Executive Skills Educational Standard prepares students for adulthood challenges beyond academics. It equips them with practical and cognitive skills essential for navigating personal, professional, and societal scenarios. Full standard features benchmark milestones.


Our Language Arts Standards focus on a diverse literary exploration, promoting cultural understanding and analytical skills. We prioritize clear writing and effective speaking. These standards cultivate well-rounded communicators prepared for academic and real-world situations. The full standard features benchmark milestones.


The mathematical standard ensures students grasp core mathematical principles by graduation, emphasizing real-world application and logical reasoning. We promote an appreciation for math’s wide relevance across disciplines. Full standard features benchmark milestones.


The Physical Sciences standard aims to deepen students’ understanding of the physical world’s principles, including matter, energy, and their interactions. Emphasizing critical thinking and the scientific method, students explore concepts like motion and energy through experiments and theory.  Full standard features benchmark milestones.


Our Social Sciences Standards provide a comprehensive exploration of disciplines like Sociology, History, Economics, and Philosophy. These standards emphasize the critical role these subjects play in understanding societal frameworks. Students gain insights into societal operations, individual identities, and overarching cultural narratives. Full standard features benchmark milestones.


The Physical Education Standards focus on holistic fitness and lifelong health. Students gain tools for diverse physical activities, improving cardiovascular health and muscular strength. They explore movement patterns, set personal health goals, and learn recovery techniques. This foundation promotes a sustained healthy and active lifestyle. Full standard features benchmark milestones.


The Elective Educational Standard guides students through diverse knowledge fields, helping them understand their passions and prepare for future pursuits. This flexible approach nurtures their curiosity, aiming for both understanding and inspiration. Through electives, students engage in a balance of learning, reflection, and creation, promoting personal growth. Full standard outlines Fine Arts requirement and World Languages recommendation.



While standardized testing is not mandatory for graduation, students with aspirations of pursuing higher education, especially at certain universities or specific academic programs, may find that these tests can be beneficial during the admissions process. Many universities consider standardized test scores as one of several factors in their admissions decisions. Full policy includes helpful information about such tests.


At Homeschool Directive, we firmly believe in the power of a customized educational approach that seamlessly adapts to each student’s unique needs. Our policy is a testament to this ethos, laying out thoughtful guidelines for the seamless integration of accommodations and modifications. By doing so, we not only ensure that every student, including those with disabilities, receives an education tailored to their strengths and requirements, but also that they are optimally prepared for their future endeavors. Through this dedication, we aim to champion a learning environment that is both inclusive and forward-thinking, setting the stage for every learner’s success.