Helping families home educate their teens through highschool

Founded by Michele Holmes, a veteran homeschool mom of 30+ years, Homeschool Directive helps families around the world use the U.S. high school diploma pathway to educate their teens at home and prepare them for success after graduation.

Over the years, as she home educated her eight children through high school graduation, Michele became an expert in crafting a high school plan that supported a student’s individual educational interests, needs, and goals.

Seeing a need in her local homeschooling community, Michele started a co-op that focused on high school-level classes over 20+ years ago (that co-op is still going strong). Soon, mom after mom came to Michele with questions about recordkeeping, credits, transcripts, and GPAs, prompting Michele to hold numerous workshop nights out of her home over the years.

As her own homeschooling journey drew to a close, Michele moved into a formal role of homeschool coach, founding Homeschool Directive along with her business partner (and daughter) Rachel Fahrenbach. 

Founder & CEO

Michele Holmes

  • 33 years of homeschooling experience
  • 8 kids, 5 kid-inlaws, and 10 grandkids
  • Graduated 8 kids: 6 have earned college degrees (2 earned masters degrees) and 2 are currently pursuing their bachelor’s degrees.
  • Graduated her youngest in 2022 (which means she’s up-to-date on the current trends in the homeschooling community)
  • Married to her high school sweetheart, Ed.
  • Started and led a homeschool co-op with a focus on providing high school classes for 20 years. The co-op  (it’s still going strong!) averaged 150 – 200 kids each year.
  • Has counseled hundreds of women from diverse backgrounds and in various stages of homeschooling.
  • Led multiple workshops about starting homeschooling, homeschooling high school students, and scheduling your homeschool week.
  • Co-founded and currently sits on the Board of Directors for a non-profit charity that serves her local community.