Struggling to make sense of credits, GPAs, and transcripts?

Meet Homeschool Directive

Helping you use the U.S. High School Diploma Pathway
to educate your teen at home is what we do best.

You want to give your teen an education that both respects your teen’s educational needs and prepares them for future success!

An education that…

 Values student-led learning.

 Embraces  learning needs and interests.

 Empowers you to limit or opt out of standardized testing.

 Is recognized by universities and employers world-wide.

You know there is a better way

But you’re worried about missing something important.

You are willing to do the work but the U.S. high school diploma pathway can be confusing—especially if you aren’t familiar with the U.S. educational system.

Hi, I’m Michele Holmes.

I founded Homeschool Directive to help parents just like you home educate your teens according to your values, goals, and vision.

30+ years ago, we came face-to-face with the limitations of traditional schooling and decided to home educate our children.

Not only did all of my eight kids have customised educations, they were prepared to pursue their after-graduation goals!

Over the years, I have been able to help hundreds of other parents do the same for their children and now I want to help you and your family!

With our support, you can give your teens the education they deserve and keep their future options open!

Higher Education

(US or Abroad)

Trade School

Employment or Entrepreneurship

Competition within the NCAA

Transcript & Diploma Requirements

When a student is enrolled in our program, they need to complete 30 credits in order to receive a U.S. Transcript & Diploma.

CREDITS are simply a way to quantify how much coursework has been completed in a educational category (e.g. English, Mathematics, etc.) over the course of high school.

You can think of credits like checkmarks. Each school requires students to have so many checkmarks for an educational category.

You can see in the image how Homeschool Directive’s credit requirements are spread over the different educational categories.

We leave standardized testing up to the parent’s discretion.

What if my teen has already completed some classes or testing?

No worries! We are able to take what your teen has already done and apply it to our credit requirements.

Structure with Flexibility

We understand that Home education is unique around the world, each family is unique in their approach, and each student is unique in their educational needs.

Our U.S. High School Diploma Program accommodates your family’s unique situation with tailored guidance and support, ensuring your teen receives a customized education at home that meets the requirements for a U.S. diploma.

Customised Education Not Just Curriculum Choice

Homeschool Directive offers a unique approach to earning a diploma. Unlike other umbrella schools, we offer four, flexible approaches to earning a credit.

This allows us to partner with parents to customize the teen’s education plan to suit their interests and needs, accommodating your teen’s learning style and strategies.

Is your teen working at a higher-level? Our program supports that. Do they have learning challenges? Our program supports that too. Do they prefer hands-on vs textbooks? We can work with that. Do they have a passion project? We can leverage that to fulfill credits too!

Join Homeschool Directive and experience a personalized education path that meets your teen’s goals, interests, and style of learning.

We support the parent so they can focus on home educating their student without fear of messing something up.

Our Commitment to You

We will partner with you and your teen in this home education journey.

We will clearly communicate U.S. home education laws and graduation requirements and confirm you are in compliance.

 While we won’t teach your student for you (remember we want to give you curriculum freedom), we will direct you to vetted curriculum providers.

We will provide you with training and tools to help you create an custom education at home for your teen.

We will clearly communicate what your student needs to accomplish  to earn a U.S. Transcript & Diploma.

We will give you the freedom to select curriculum and activities that meet your student’s learning needs and interests.

We will give you the freedom to opt-out or limit any standardized testing.

We will help you set your teen up for success after graduation with a solid transcript recognized by universities in the US and abroad, the NCAA, trade schools, and employers, so your teen has options to pursue.

With the support of our U.S.-based online program, you can customise your student’s education while we guide you in jumping the hurdles you want to jump, even if that’s for university acceptance!

What’s Included?

When you join Homeschool Directive, you receive access to the following:

Academic Guidance

You will know exactly what’s expected of you and your student at each step.

Academic Advisor

You’ll meet one-on-one with your advisor over Zoom. You can also message them at anytime via your private portal.

Academic Transcript

At the end of the academic year, you receive a transcript. 

Flexibility to Tailor

You get to chose curriculum and activities to customize your student’s education to their learning needs and interests.


We will keep track of your student’s progress towards earning a transcript and diploma.


Easy-to-understand training on all things credits, GPAs, transcripts, and diplomas.

plus you get these bonuses!

Bonus 1

HD High School Requirements & Recordkeeping Binder


Bonus 2

HD High School Credit Course Planner


Yearly Pricing

We believe in keeping things simple.

Yearly Family Registration Fee – $500

Yearly Student Administration Fee – $50 per student

Payment plans are available

Do you want…

To work with an program that trusts you to cultivate a strong education for your student?

Oversight that’s focused on support rather than making you conform to its agenda?

Curriculum freedom so you can meet your student’s educational needs and interests?

To know you are setting your student up for success after graduation?

Feel confident that your student will earn a U.S. Transcript and Diploma recognized by universities and employers?

Then Homeschool Directive would love to partner with you in giving your teen a positive and personalized education!


We encourage you to reach out with any questions!

I live outside the U.S. Will I need to comply with educational and testing requirements for the country I reside in?

Because you are enrolling in a U.S.-based school governed by U.S. homeschooling and high school educational laws, your student’s education will follow the U.S. high school graduation requirements. At this time, the U.S. does not require testing to graduate from high school.

Is the registration fee per student or per family?

Our registration pricing is per family, but our administration fees are per student.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do have a payment plan available for the yearly family fee (student admin fee need to be paid-in-full at registration).

To learn more about our payment plans, please schedule your free consult.

What age student can enroll with Homeschool Directive?

Students must be at least 12-years-old by September 1.

Students must not be older than 19 by September 1 during their senior (final) year.

I only have elementary-aged kids, can I still enroll my family?

No. Homeschool Directive’s first priority is to families with high school students. You must have at least one (1) student aged 12 by September 1 to enrolled with Homeschool Directive.

If you have at least 1 student over 12, you can enroll younger siblings if you would like.

Will this educational pathway get my student into university?

While we can’t guarantee acceptance by a university (no school can do that) we can assure you that other home educated students around the world have followed this pathway and been accepted to universities.

Depending on which university your student wants to attend, they may need to take the SAT and/or AP classes.

If taking AP Classes are a requirement of the university your student wishes to attend, we recommend reaching out to Dumb Ox Learning regarding the AP courses they offer:

We can discuss all of this during your academic advisement meeting after you’ve joined the program.

Will my student need to take the SAT or AP Classes

Depending on which university your student wants to attend, they may need to take the SAT and/or AP classes.

If taking AP Classes are a requirement of the university your student wishes to attend, we recommend reaching out to Dumb Ox Learning regarding the AP courses they offer:

We can discuss this topic further during your academic advisement meeting after you’ve joined the program.

Do you require testing?

No. We believe that it should be up to the parent if their student needs to complete testing. The Academy follows U.S. homeschooling and high school educational laws. At this time, testing is not a requirement for graduation in the U.S.

Will you teach my teen for me?

No. We do not teach any classes. We do, however, have a recommended (though not required) list of vendors who provide AMAZING courses.

Will you plan the school year for me?

No. Because we value educational freedom and student-led education, we leave curriculum and activity plans for the year up to the individual parent.

If you need help creating a curriculum plan for the year, you can hire one of our curriculum consultants for an additional fee.

My student has unique learning abilities/challenges/is neurodivergent/has a passion project/etc. Will you be able to accommodate that?

Yes! We have a simple and flexible requirement structure that you customise for your student. Your assigned Academic Advisor will be able to direct you in that process.

We are unschoolers/Charlotte Mason/Classical/Waldorf/Road Schooling/etc. Will this work for us?

Yes! We have a simple and flexible requirement structure that you customise for your student. Your assigned Academic Advisor will be able to direct you in that process.

How does recordkeeping work?

When you register, an online portal will be created for you to submit completed coursework for recordkeeping. Our team enters that information into our recordkeeping database and issues the transcript to you at the end of the year.

How do parents meet with their academic advisor?

Meetings take place via Zoom.

Additionally, when you register, an online portal will be created for you. You can message your academic advisor at anytime via the portal.

Are you accredited?

We are actively pursuing accrediation through the
Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Becoming accredited can be a lengthy process but is retroactive.