Struggling to make sense of credits, GPA, and Transcipts?

Helping you Understand the U.S. high school diploma pathway is what we do best.

You want An educational Pathway that both respects your vision for home education and prepares your student for success.

A pathway that…

Puts you in control

Embraces the learning needs and interests of your student

✔ Empowers you to limit or opt out standardized testing

Is already recognized by universities and employers worldwide

The educational pathway you want is the U.S. high school diploma

and homeschool directive can help you walk it


What is homeschool directive?

The U.S. high school diploma pathway offers the flexibility to customize your child’s education to their unique interest, needs, and goals. But navigating the credit, transcript, and GPA system can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the US educational system.

Don’t let confusion hold you back! Our expert guidance can help you navigate the complexities. With our support, you can remove the guesswork and confidently prepare your teen for their future. 


Non-Traditional Online Academy

When parents enroll their students with Homeschool Directive, they receive academic coaching, transcript oversight, and high school diploma issuance.


Partnership Between Parent and Program

This school structure is often called an umbrella or oversight school but our team views our role as a partner with you in this home education journey.


Individualized Educational Plan

We understand the importance of allowing parents to choose the best educational path for their child. Our graduation requirements are designed to accommodate instruction and curriculum that honors an individual student’s interests, educational progress, and unique learning needs.


A Clear & Structured Path to Graduation

Our program is designed to remove the guesswork out of earning a U.S. high school diploma for both you and your teen. Together, we’ll make sure your teen gets the education, transcript, and diploma they need to be successful after graduation—whether that means going to college, learning a trade, or starting a business.

Homeschool Directive is here to support you as you follow the US High School Diploma Pathway—no matter where you are in the world!

Michele with Homeschool Directive put our minds at rest. She’s very knowledgeable and was able to give real life examples of different ways teens have achieved a high school diploma. My husband sat in on the meeting and was impressed, and he’s a huge skeptic of most things!

Victoria N.

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